Behind the Veil: Nuns

Behind the Veil: Nuns

| 2 h 10 min
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This feature documentary records the turbulent history and remarkable achievements of women in religion, from pre-Christian Celtic communities to the radical sisters of the 1980s. The history of nuns mirrors that of all women - in what we are taught about the past, women are almost invisible. Although today's one million nuns outnumber priests two to one, they still struggle to be heard by the all-male Roman Catholic hierarchy from which they are excluded. In Behind the Veil: Nuns, contemporary nuns speak candidly of their lives, their challenges, and their predecessors.

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  • director
    Margaret Wescott
  • producer
    Signe Johansson
  • executive producer
    Kathleen Shannon
  • script
    Gloria Demers
  • narrator
    Gloria Demers
  • cinematography
    Susan Trow
  • sound
    Ingrid Cusiel
  • editing
    Rosemarie Shapley
    Margaret Wescott
    Donna Read
  • sound editing
    Jackie Newell
  • re-recording
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
    Diane Le Floc'h
  • music
    Maribeth Solomon
    Micky Erbe

  • spiderqueen

    Where can I download this film, or buy a copy on DVD?

    spiderqueen, 9 Jan 2015