Black Coffee: Part Two, Gold in Your Cup

Black Coffee: Part Two, Gold in Your Cup

| 57 min

Part Two, Gold in Your Cup, uses an elegant contemporary competition created to elevate the quality of coffee in Brazil to frame a portrait of 19th century coffee-fuelled oppression in Latin America. Bitter Brews takes us back to examine coffee's stranglehold in Brazil and Central America, leading to coffee barons, the subjugation of Indians and Africans, and the destruction of the rainforests and, ironically, the evolution of both democracy and dictatorships. Events are fuelled by increased consumption in North America, due to brilliant marketing and the new mass-production of branded coffee, but the quality of the coffee descends to an all time low.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

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  • writer
    Irene Angelico
  • director
    Irene Angelico
  • producer
    Ina Fichman
  • editor
    Howard Goldberg
  • director of photography
    Marc Gadoury
    German Gutierrez
  • original music
  • co-producer
    Richard Elson
  • narrator
    Helen King
  • consultant to the director
    Mark Pendergrast
  • sound engineer
    Diane Carrière
    Arnaud Derimay
    Philippe Mercier
    Erik Reisner
    Saul Rouda
  • researcher
    Celina Bell
    Nicola Bridge
    Holly Dressel
    Terri Foxman
    Shelley Tepperman
  • archival researcher
    Nancy Marcotte
  • story consultant
    Jon Kalina
  • participant
    Betty Hannstein Adams
    Russel, Jr. Atha
    Richard Adams
    Vera Lucia Amaral Ferlini
    Milton Verdade Costa
    George Howell
    Sandy McAlpine
    Nestor Osario
    Mark Pendergrast
    Esteban Perez
    Donald Schoenholt
    Sergio Tristao
    Pierre Van Houtte
    Marcelo Vieira
    Bennett Weinberg
    Gregory White
  • actor
    Peter Blachke
    Christine Kivenko
  • production designer
    André Chamberland
  • costume designer
    Nicoletta Massone
  • makeup
    Catherine Lahaye
  • sound designer
    Louis Dupire
  • foley artist
    Alexis Farand
  • re-recording mixer
    Geoffrey Mitchell