Eye Witness No 67

Eye Witness No 67

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Apprentices Learn While Building School: Chicoutimi's young men are finding purposeful futures in the Building Trades Apprentice School, organized to turn out experienced craftsmen with high standards of workmanship. Aerial Attack on Spruce Budworm: Low-flying planes of New Brunswick's Forest Protection Limited blitz the treetops with DDT fog against these voracious killers of valuable timber stands.

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  • director
    Fernand Ménard
    Robert Anderson
  • producer
    Jack Olsen
  • executive producer
    Nicholas Balla
  • script
    Alvin Goldman
    Jack Olsen
  • camera
    Jean-Marie Couture
    John Spotton
  • sound
    Clarke Daprato
  • editing
    Peter Jones
  • narrator
    Henry Ramer

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