Growing Up Canadian: Play

Growing Up Canadian: Play

| 46 min

Canada's biggest playground, winter, leads the way as we look at a century of play for Canadian kids. In the beginning you made your own gear and toys, but some store-bought things were irresistible. What Canadian girl, in her time, wouldn't want an Eaton's Beauty doll or a Barbara Ann Scott doll? And what boy, swept up in a cowboy craze, wouldn't die to have a Gene Autry gun or a Lash LaRue whip?

Throughout the century, adults helped to organize clubs, camps and playgrounds--often with the intent of steering children away from trouble. In the end, getting away from adults and crossing forbidden borders have always been a part of the fun.

Play is one of a 6-part series entitled Growing Up Canadian. These documentaries explore the myths and realities of Canadian childhood through family life, schooling, work, play, health and the media. The series marks the contribution of childhood and youth experience in defining Canada as it grew into full nationhood in the 20th century.

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  • executive producer
    Sheila Petzold
    Ken Stewart
    Marcel Clément
  • producer
    Hoda Elatawi
  • director
    Susan Terrill
  • writer
    Susan Terrill
  • participant
    Tiffany Beaudin
    Henry Bishop
    Anna Bonokoski
    Carl Brewer
    Marilyn Buffalo
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    Hinson Calabrese
    Wayson Choy
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    Bob Mellor
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    Mary Sexton
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    Everett Tanner
    Cameron Terrill
    Ina Trudgeon
    Hellie Wilson
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    Becky Rynor
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    Karl Roeder
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    Andrew Huggett
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    Vivian Hanwell
    Kate Keating
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    Erin Brophy
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    Helen Dundass
    Jody Nassr
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    Sheila Petzold
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    Robin Dumas