Hanging On

Hanging On

| 14 min

This short documentary shows the struggle that young immigrants have in a small community unaccustomed to cultural diversity, and their frustration at not having their skills recognized by the job market and their peers. Hanging On is part of the Work For All project 2006, an NFB and HRSDC-Labour initiative to combat racism in the workplace.

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  • participation
    Éric Pelletier
    James Duffett
    David Dressler
    Horia Daniel Iancu
    Saïd Hazgour
    Abdoulaye Baldé
    Mme Jang
    M. Jang
  • writer
    Chedly Belkhodja
  • director
    Chedly Belkhodja
  • director of photography
    Paul Bossé
  • sound recordist
    Marc Arsenault
  • picture editor
    Cyril Lochon
  • sound editor
    Cyril Lochon
  • researcher
    Myriam Beaudry
  • music composer
    Khalid El Idrissi
    Lamine Diakhate
    Taoufik Boussari
  • producer
    Patricia Bergeron
  • executive producer
    Yves Bisaillon

  • JasonST

    Its crazy how foriegn people can't even get hired for a joob when they have more then enough education. I don't understant how someone can be overqualified for a job. It dosn't make sense to me how those people wouldn't be hired.

    JasonST, 9 Mar 2011
  • Stephen--Roy

    It's such a waste to let someone with that much experience work in a calling center. It's illogical to to spend time training someone in a school when they aren't even going to be doing something productive. Companies need to get past their arrogance and see the potential that people have. Too many opportunities for great work are being missed, simply because of judgmental calls on the color of a person's skin,

    Stephen--Roy, 9 Mar 2011
  • Gabe

    Wow, that's insane; the poor girl had a PhD and she still couldn't find a job. It just goes to show how ignorant some employers and companies are. Seriously, what is the point of promoting immigration to Canad, if we're not going to encourage employers to hire them. I really feel bad for the girl, a PhD and working at a call center. That is a major waste, if you ask me.

    Gabe, 9 Mar 2011
  • Brandon

    These places are not really smart for not hiring her. She had a Ph.D 3 degrees and lots of work experience. So mangers need to realize that the colour does not matter and its what they have done that matters.

    Brandon, 9 Mar 2011