The Interview

The Interview

| 2 min
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In The Interview, racial stereotypes and prejudices deprive a highly qualified candidate of a fair interview – and may prevent an employer from hiring the best person for the job.

This film is part of the Work For All series, produced by the National Film Board of Canada, with the participation of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

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  • producer
    Kat Baulu
  • executive producer
    Ravida Din
  • sound design
    Sam Vipond
  • sound editing
    Don Ayer
  • voice
    Didier Lucien
    Yves Corbeil
  • mix
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • voice recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • consultant
    David Verrall
  • director
    Claire Blanchet
  • animator
    Claire Blanchet
  • original script
    Jean-Hervé Désiré
  • writer
    Tetchena Bellange
  • story editor
    Cynthia Knight

  • Jason

    Just because people have a certain skin color or are from a certain reigious background or culture doesn't mean that they are not qualified. Sure some people don\'t want to hire someone covered in tattoos but its not whats on the outside that counts. Just because some people from the same background are a certain way does not mean that thay all are.

    Jason, 26 Jan 2011
  • Jessika

    This is a very important subject to talk about. People get discriminated because of their race, beliefs ect all the time. Though the ending of the video surprised me, it still gave an excellent representation of how most interviews go.

    Jessika, 26 Jan 2011
  • Gabe

    This is a very real issue. There are many sad cases of foreign individuals hoping to find a new life in Canada, or other popular countries, but being denied simply because of how they look or where they're from. I enjoyed the way you presented this issue, thank you for sharing :)

    Gabe, 26 Jan 2011
  • Brandon

    People should not base people off of where people come from or what race they are. We need to look into what people do and how they act no matter where they are from. People are sometimes a lot different on the inside than they are on the outside.

    Brandon, 26 Jan 2011
  • Stephen--Roy

    A person shouldn't be judged by where they came from, but rather what they have done. I mean that's the whole purpose to hire employee's right? People are hired for their abilities in a specific area of work, in order to use those skills to benefit the company. This situation doesn't only apply to the work place but in any situation of trust.

    Stephen--Roy, 26 Jan 2011
  • Shinobi

    You took a lot of care to choose your colour's so consistently used too. Visually it looks fabulous! But to be honest, I don't really buy the happy ending though.

    Shinobi, 16 Jun 2010
  • jnordstrom

    Is anybody else having trouble playing the high quality version of the film?

    jnordstrom, 4 Jun 2010
  • undersolo

    Thank you for telling the truth with this piece.

    undersolo, 3 Jun 2010