The Juggler

The Juggler

| 12 min

A juggler in a park opens his magic box and takes out 3 balls. The audience marvels at his dexterity, until one ball escapes. The mutinous ball takes on magical properties as it draws the juggler into a series of adventures with many levels of meaning: appearance, fantasy and love. Without words.

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  • director
    Thomas Vamos
  • cast
    Jonathan Kofman
    Jocelyne Montpetit
    Jean Filion
    Réal Bossé
    Edouard Fellmann
    Linda Halsay
    Louise La Haye
    Tamy Lorenz
    Rémi Kawkatain
    Anne Sénécal
  • editing
    Suzanne Allard
  • camera
    André-Luc Dupont
  • camera assistant
    Michel Bissonnette
  • music
    Pierre F. Brault
    Michel Robidoux
  • sound editing
    Alain Sauvé
    Suzanne Blanchard
  • location sound
    Yves Gendron
  • re-recording
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
  • set design
    Denis Boucher
  • makeup
    Mikie Hamilton
  • titles
    Jean-Marc Brosseau
  • assistant director
    Suzanne Girard
  • administration
    Monique Létourneau
  • producer
    Hélène Verrier

  • jacobwhhughes

    I love this simple story! with some of the shots, and especially the characters it reads like a picture-book. it would be 5 times better if the colour was more saturated

    jacobwhhughes, 6 Dec 2010