The Land of Jacques Cartier

The Land of Jacques Cartier

Did Cartier dream of making a country from this land of a million birds? In his records of his exploration he certainly marvelled at seeing the great auks that have since disappeared from Isle aux Ouaiseaulx, the razor-bills and gannets that are gone from Blanc-Sablon, and the kittiwakes from Anticosti, all the winged creatures of all the islands which he described as being "as full of birds as a meadow is of grass". And that's not even counting the countless snow geese.

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  • director
    René Bonnière
    Pierre Perrault
  • text
    Pierre Perrault
  • English text
    Judith Crawley
  • photography
    Michel Thomas-d'Hoste
    Kenneth Campbell
    Allan Grayston
  • sound
    Tony Betts
    David Howells
  • sound editing
    John Knight
  • narrator
    Lloyd Bochner
  • music
    Larry Crosley