The Last Straw

The Last Straw

| 1 h 35 min

This sequel to 90 Days follows the further misadventures of our two intrepid heroes as Alex discovers he is the world's most potent man, and Blue, unemployed and balding, must deal with Hyang Sook's desire to have a child.

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  • director
    Giles Walker
  • producer
    David Wilson
    Giles Walker
  • script
    David Wilson
    Giles Walker
  • photography
    Andy Kitzanuk
  • sound
    Yves Gendron
  • editing
    David Wilson
  • sound editing
    Abbey Jack Neidik
  • re-recording
    Hans Peter Strobl
    Adrian Croll
  • music
    Robert Lauzon
    Fernand Martel
  • cast
    Sam Grana
    Wally Martin
    Beverly Murray
    Christine Pak
    Patricia Phillips
    Maurice Podbrey
    Ken Roberts
    Fernanda Tavares
    Stefan Wodoslawsky
    John Jones