Live TV

Live TV

| 21 min

This short live-action comedy satirizing TV's violent ways tells the story of 4 children who go searching for their school’s 2 missing turtles. In this task, the children are assisted by a television set that morphs to life as a goofy action superhero. As the search progresses, the children discover that TV solutions and real-life solutions don't always mix. When the kids take charge and use their own wits, the turtle mystery is solved in a jiffy.

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  • director
    Annie O'Donoghue
  • producer
    JoAnn Harrison
    George Johnson
  • executive producer
    Svend-Erik Eriksen
  • script
    Jill Golick
  • cinematography
    Danny Nowak
  • sound
    David Husby
  • editing
    Alison Grace
  • sound editing
    Ewan Dean
  • re-recording
    Brian Campbell
    Steve Smith
  • music
    George Bondheim
  • cast
    Myles Ferguson
    Crystal Crete
    Chad Dormer
    Shawn Macdonald
    Jane McGregor
    Christine Lippa
    Ellie Harvie