Minister of Everything

Minister of Everything

                                Minister of Everything
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A documentary on the remarkable career and life of prominent Canadian politician C.D. Howe. When he was elected to Parliament in 1935 he was 50 years old, and had enjoyed a brilliant career as a consulting engineer in the grain trade. He was immediately given a cabinet post as Minister of Marines, Railways and Canals, which was later changed to become Minister of Transport. During the Second World War he served as Minister of Munitions and Supplies, and later as Minister of Reconstruction and Minister of Trade and Commerce. He served as a cabinet minister for 22 years, under Prime Ministers Mackenzie King and Louis St. Laurent. C.D. Howe became known as the "Minister of Everything" because it seemed as though nothing could be done in the country without his blessing.

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  • director
    Robert Duncan
  • producer
    Thomas Howe

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