Nadia's Journey

Nadia's Journey

This feature documentary tells the story of Nadia Zouaoui, a woman who was forced by her parents into an arranged marriage with an Algerian living in Montreal when she was 19 years old. The man, who was twice her age, chose Nadia from a photograph. After 18 years away, Nadia goes back to Kabylia, Algeria, to see if things have changed in her native land. There, she travels behind the tourist facade and into the complex reality of women held captive in their own homes from puberty onwards, a tragic custom many men feel powerless to change.

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  • script
    Nadia Zouaoui
  • research
    Nadia Zouaoui
  • script consultant
    Carmen Garcia
  • direction
    Carmen Garcia
    Nadia Zouaoui
  • editing
    Jean-Marie Drot
  • cinematography
    Claudine Sauvé
  • sound recording
    Diane Carrière
  • location manager
    Madjid Zouaoui
  • original music
    Jimmy Tanaka
  • sound editing
    Leopoldo Gutierrez
  • narration text
    Nadia Zouaoui
  • collaboration to narration text
    Carmen Garcia
  • narration
    Nadia Zouaoui
  • translation
    Christine York
  • subtitles
    Christine York
  • technical support - editing
    Isabelle Painchaud
  • titles
    Gaspard Gaudreau
  • online editing
    Françoise Laprise
    Denis Pilon
  • re-recording
    Luc Léger
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    Salvadora Garcia
    Denise DesLauriers
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    Thrifa Gasmi
    Kamel Tamssaout
    Zahra Amirat
    Kahina Tamssaout
    Linda Oulebsir
    Farouja Cherradou
    Tounsia Nait Benali
    Ouazna Tamssaout
    Rezkia Bouaboud
    Malek Bouaboud
    Zohra Benaissou
    Madiha Bellal
    Zahra Boussoura
    Mabrouk Bouaboud
    Saliha Bouaboud
    Chafia Bouaboud
    Rachid Bouaboud
    Gaya Bouaboud
    Mazigh Bouaboud
    Tinhinan Bouaboud
    Abdenour Oulebsir
    Yasmina Tamssaout
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    Jenny Thibault
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    Hélène Regimbal
    Lise Lévesque
    Mirabelle Bélanger
  • technical coordinator
    Jean-François Laprise
  • line producer
    Johanne Bergeron
  • executive producer
    Yves Bisaillon
  • producer
    Carmen Garcia

  • hskalra

    My sms to family and friends after seeing the film yesterday at Alliance Francaise Bombay. "Everybody has his own fate. Some get a rabbit, some get a mouse while some might get a donkey" says an old woman to a small girl who was asking her to apply more henna on her hands after the earlier one had washed away. The occasion was a wedding in the village. Women are generally their effervescent selves, everywhere. I happen to see this yesterday in a documentary on Algerian women. Happy Women's Day.

    hskalra, 7 Mar 2014