Origins of Human Aggression: The Other Story

Origins of Human Aggression: The Other Story

                                Origins of Human Aggression: The Other Story
| 50 min
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Is human aggression a result of nature or nurture? Interviews with researchers from various fields--including a Nobel prize winner--shed light on the question.

Startling footage of children acting out their aggressive impulses adds to this compelling documentary that examines the complex factors that affect the socialization of aggressive behaviour among humans.

Biological, environmental and psychological components are addressed, and guidelines for the prevention of human violence are also provided.

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    John Archer
    Mario Beauregard
    James J. Heckman
    Kate Keenan
    Michael Lewis
    Joan McCord
    Tomas Paus
    Sergio Pellis
    Michael Potegal
    Adrian Raine
    Peter K. Smith
    Stephen Suomi
    Terence P. Thornberry
    Richard E. Tremblay, Ph. D.
    Simon Young
    Jan A.R.A.M. Van Hooff
  • producer
    Jean Gervais, Ph. D.
    Richard E. Tremblay, Ph. D.
  • scientific content consultant
    Louise Arseneault
    Edward Donnerstein
    Jean Dumas
    Jean Gervais, Ph. D.
    Willard W. Hartup
    Dale Hay
    John E. Lochman
    Rolf Loeber
    Daniel Nagin
    Murray A. Straus
  • narrator
    Alain Goulem
  • script writer
    Monique Fournier
  • research
    Jennifer Letarte
    Jean-Pierre Maher
  • cameraman
    Benoit Belleville
    Gilles Blais
    Dominic Dorval
    Alberto Feio
    Stéphane Ricard
    Marc Tardif
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    Guy Boutin
    Simon Brien
    Jean-Denis Daoust
    Édouard Faribault
    Simon Poirier
    Chantal Rhéaume
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    Ginette Lavigne
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    Dave Adams
    Claude Guillemette
    Jean-Pierre Maher
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    Alain Blais
    Martin Messier
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    Martin Messier
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    France Leduc
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    Stéphane Lemardelé
  • original soundtrack
    Alain Blais
  • director
    Jean-Pierre Maher