Propaganda Message

Propaganda Message

                                Propaganda Message
| 13 min
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A cartoon film about the whole heterogeneous mixture of Canada and Canadians, and the way the invisible adhesive called federalism makes it all cling together. That the dissenting voices are many is made amply evident, in English and French. But this animated message also shows that Canadians can laugh at themselves and work out their problems objectively.

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  • director
    Barrie Nelson
  • design
    Barrie Nelson
  • animation
    Barrie Nelson
  • producer
    Roman Kroitor
    Wolf Koenig
  • executive producer
    Robert Verrall
  • script
    Don Arioli
    Les Nirenberg
  • animation camera
    Simon Leblanc
    Raymond Dumas
  • sound editing
    Peter Hearn
    Ken Page
    Don Wellington
  • music
    Zolman Yanovsky
    Maribeth Solomon
    Micky Erbe
  • music recording
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
  • re-recording
    Roger Lamoureux