The Quiet Racket

The Quiet Racket

| 7 min
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This short film tells the amusing tale of a man who feels the common urge to escape the city's noise for the weekend. Made without words, but with a wide range of other sounds, this film tracks our hero to a perfect haven of… pandemonium. The countryside, it turns out, is not as unspoiled and quiet as the poets proclaim.

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  • director
    Gerald Potterton
  • producer
    Guy Glover
  • script
    Alan Hackney
  • photography
    Robert Humble
  • camera
    Robert Humble
  • sound
    Donald Douglas
  • music
    Donald Douglas
  • sound
    F. Whitman Trecartin
  • music
    F. Whitman Trecartin
  • editing
    Donald Rennick
  • re-recording
    Ron Alexander
    Roger Lamoureux
  • cast
    Ted Zeigler
    Ned Conlon

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