Sable Island

Sable Island

| 28 min

This short documentary profiles the uniquely cloistered wildlife of Sable Island, known as the “Atlantic graveyard” due to its inhospitable conditions. Barren sands and endless gales proved too much for human settlement on this island off the coast of Nova Scotia. Only a small group of researchers and maintenance people occupy the island; horses run wild, seals and birds multiply profusely, and the Ipswich sparrow has found a fruitful breeding ground for itself. Sable Island provides a perfect opportunity to observe nature in an untouched, organic laboratory.

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  • director
    Allan Wargon
  • producer
    Julian Biggs
  • script
    Ronald Weyman
  • photography
    Robert Humble
  • sound
    Erik Nielson
  • editing
    Dennis Sawyer
  • sound editing
    Brian Keene
  • host
    Fred Davis