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Follow 2 Canadians, Bob Lush and Mike Birch, aboard their yachts during the 1980 Observer Singlehanded Transatlantic Race. More than a record of this prestigious international sailing event, the resulting film is the starting point for an epic of challenge and determination.

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  • director
    Shelagh Mackenzie
    Kent Nason
  • editing
    Shelagh Mackenzie
    Kent Nason
  • producer
    Shelagh Mackenzie
  • executive producer
    Barry Cowling
    Rex Tasker
  • script
    Barry Cowling
  • cinematography
    Kent Nason
  • additional photography
    Michael Birch
    Bob Lush
    Michael Mahoney
    Damian McLaughlin
    Peter Salkeld
    Jerry Taylor
  • sound recording
    Ted Haley
  • additional recording
    Bev Davidson
    Michael Birch
    Bob Lush
  • sound editing
    Les Halman
  • animation
    Meilan Lam
  • narrator
    Cyril Byrne
  • music
    Larry Crosley

  • edgy4sst

    we should have regular crossings of the oceans with many forms of transport, above & below H2O. with a few floating islands, non-state, welcoming all @ various points. why not? 2 educate ourselves & utilize vast space & begin to minimize our massive impact on the land is 1 reason!

    edgy4sst, 18 Dec 2012