Transpacific Flight

Transpacific Flight

                                Transpacific Flight
| 14 min

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This short documentary from the On the Spot series—“the National Film Board’s up-to-the-minute report of what’s happening somewhere in Canada”—invites us aboard a transpacific flight. Host Fred Davis, on his way to shoot stories in Japan and Korea, interviews the pilot, navigator and flight attendants.

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  • producer
    Bernard Devlin
  • camera
    John Foster
  • host
    Fred Davis

  • ronsig

    I don't know why they did not mention it, but this was Canadian Pacific Flight of DC-6B! Great historical film!

    ronsig, 14 Aug 2012
  • garymclean

    These flight crews were absolutely awesome. Initially they all had to be registered nurses - don't know if this was true for this era in flight. One thing I miss is eating real steak off real china, and with stirling silver cutlery. Imagine that today - arming every passenger with a steak knife!

    garymclean, 30 Jul 2012
  • Johntechwriter

    Passenger conditions seem somewhat more humane than today's. Great mustache, Fred!

    Johntechwriter, 18 Nov 2011