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Triptych is a contemporary urban saga that tells the story of Michelle, a schizophrenic bookseller, her sister, Marie, a singer and actress, and Marie’s future husband, Thomas, a German neurosurgeon. Against a backdrop of written and visual poetry, the film depicts three pivotal moments in the lives of these characters while touching on an array of subjects—artistic expression, social engagement versus solitude, the many nuances of emotion. In this study of human communication in all its forms and complexity, these three lives intersect in their quests for personal identity and a burning desire for self-expression. Directed by Robert Lepage and Pedro Pires, this film adaptation of Lepage’s epic, nine-hour play Lipsynch captures the essence of the original work, which deals with the human voice.

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  • director
    Pedro Pires
    Robert Lepage
  • writer
    Robert Lepage
  • producer
    Lynda Beaulieu
  • director of photography
    Pedro Pires
  • editor
    Pedro Pires
    Aube Foglia
  • production designer
    Jean Babin
    Christian Légaré
    David Pelletier
  • costume designer
    Judy Jonker
  • makeup artist
    Sylvie Charland
  • sound recordist
    Pierre Bertrand
    Dominique Chartrand
    Yann Cleary
  • set designer
    Michelle Forest
    Corinne Montpetit
    Guillaume Prévost
  • cast
    Frédérike Bédard
    Lise Castonguay
    Hans Piesbergen
    Rebecca Blankenship
    Aube Foglia
    Marie-Ginette Guay
    Michel Nadeau
    Eliot Laprise
    Sarah Levasseur
    Linda Laplante
    Lynda Hayes
    Bill Croft
    Susie Almgren
    Manon Bernier
    Mathilde Laplante Duval
    Antoine-René Letarte
    David Pelletier
    Michaël Pineault
    Christopher Modoo
    Vincent Gagnon
    Guillaume Bouchard
    Michel Lambert
    Patricia Bédard
    Martin Côté
    Sylvie LeFrançois
    Jean-Pierre Lemieux
    Denys Morin
    Sylvain Smith
    France St-Hilaire
    Tina Thomas
    Danièle Provost
    Alain Desjardins
    Sébastien Dubois
    Élyzabeth Addison
    Victorya Addison
    Peter Measroch
    Gaëtan Pilon
    Kevin Smith
    Danette Mackay
    Wassila Tazi
    Marie-Nicole Cossette
    Mylène Dion
    Marie Gignac
    Lynda Beaulieu
    Claire Gignac
    Christian Garon
    Aline Plante
    Thérèse Caron
    Antoinette Béchard
    Colette Huot
    Germaine Preston
    Simon Laplante
    Lise Wedlock
    Patrick Lauzon
    Robert Lepage
    Dany Tremblay
    Allan Carvalho
    Jean Provencher
    Carlo Mestroni
    Christian Vézina
    Bernard Grondin
    Gérald Gagnon
    Julien Mardomingo
    Heïdy Bureau
    Jeremy Peter Allen
  • re-recording mixer
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • foley artist
    Lise Wedlock
  • sound designer
    Sylvain Bellemare

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