Wapos Bay: There's No 'I' in Hockey

Wapos Bay: There's No 'I' in Hockey

                                Wapos Bay: There's No 'I' in Hockey
| 24 min

In this first episode from the Wapos Bay series, Talon and his cousin T-Bear play on the same hockey team, but their relationship becomes strained when they both try to win the attention of Melanie, a girl on an opposing team. Meanwhile, Raven is having a little too much fun and not helping her grandmother prepare the Kohkum/Granddaughter bannock competition at the Festival. Frustrated by waiting for her granddaughter to help out, Kohkum quits preparing for the contest. The 3 children acquire some valuable lessons with the help of Kohkum and Mushom, Raven's grandfather. T-Bear learns how to be a team player, and Raven is determined to compete in the contest.

Wapos Bay is a Gemini Award-winning stop-motion animation series that follows the adventures of 3 kids from a Cree community in northern Saskatchewan.

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  • editor
    Jennifer Prokop
  • music composer
    Ross Nykiforuk
  • production designer
    Gloria Stefanson
  • director of photography
    Paul Suderman
  • producer
    Dennis Jackson
    Melanie Jackson
    Anand Ramayya
    Michael Scott
  • writer
    Dennis Jackson
  • director
    Dennis Jackson
  • executive producer
    Bob Crowe
    Ray Ramayya
    Graydon McCrea
    Michael Scott
  • cast
    Gordon Tootoosis
    Raven Brass
    Taylor Cook
    Eric Jackson
    Krystle Pederson
    Tyrone Tootoosis
    DerRic Starlight
    Mervin Brass
    Andrea Menard
    Tasha Moccasin
    Delvin Kennedy
    Joseph Naytowhow
  • line producer
    Ellen McEachern
  • 1st assistant director
    Trevor Cameron
  • 2nd assistant director
    Rick Stefanowski
  • story editor
    Jordan Wheeler
  • production consultant
    Torin Stefanson
  • key animator
    Carll Machiskinic
  • stop motion animator
    Bentley Poochay
    Jordan Yaworski
    Justin Scales
    Gilbert Baldhead
    Dennis Jackson
    Melanie Jackson
  • dialogue timing
    Justin Scales
  • character design
    Carll Machiskinic
    Bentley Poochay
  • character sculpture
    Carll Machiskinic
    Bentley Poochay
  • armature design
    Jordan Yaworski
    Justin Scales
  • armature construction
    Jordan Yaworski
    Justin Scales
  • art director - sets/construction
    Barry Stefanson
  • art director - props
    Jean-Marie Michaud
  • art department
    Amy Stefanson
    Dana Stefanson
    Joan Sinclair
    Amber Rees
    Mike Steckhan
  • costume designer
    Cornellya Joss
  • costumes
    Melanie Jackson
    Gloria Stefanson
  • seamstress
    Lesley Jabour
  • key grip
    Daniel Shingoose
  • storyboard artist
    Jason Doll
  • post-production supervisor
    Torin Stefanson
  • visual effects
    Tracy K. Westgard
    Jordan Miller
  • online editor
    Ken Adolph
  • additional editor
    Torin Stefanson
  • audio mixer
    Ross Nykiforuk
  • foley
    Daryl Pierce
  • sound fx
    Daryl Pierce
  • musician
    Ross Nykiforuk
    Randy Woods
    Carrissa Klopoushak
  • translator
    Kenneth Charlette
    Lawrence Durocher
  • producer trainee
    Rick Stefanowski
  • production co-ordinator
    Linda Nemeth
  • bookkeeper
    Valentyna Mahina
  • production assistant
    Rick Stefanowski
    Aaron Jackson
    Melanie Coad
    Monique Perron
    Rolande Petit
  • work-ed student
    Cynthia Walker
  • background photographer
    Dennis Jackson
  • still photographer
    Shaun Salen
  • publicist
    Melody Lindblom
  • casting
    Tasha Hubbard
  • catering
    Jake's On 21st
    Wanuskewin Heritage Park
  • production supervisor
    Scott Collins
  • business affairs coordinator
    Faye Yoneda
  • program administrator
    Cyndi Forcand